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If your business’s demand for IT varies throughout the year, and you need more stable backup options, or the cost of IT is starting to impact your company, then the option of the cloud makes sense. There are also more benefits to your business with the cloud including: more flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and disaster recovery.

Identify what you want to move to the cloud, and know that it isn’t all or nothing. You can start small. Confirm your ongoing costs, identify savings, prepare for scale, and choose the right cloud solutions for your business. Finally, review your infrastructure because your cloud solution will be
accessed through internet.

Just about any workload can be moved to the cloud including your email services, backups, and any offsite storage your business may have.
No. An appeal of working with a managed cloud provider is that they take care of your cloud transition, so hiring or training IT staff is not needed.

Yes. Your data is safer on the cloud than stored on your hard drive. Files stored on the cloud servers are encrypted. There’s also auto-redundant architecture in place for data preservation. All of our security measures also meet compliance requirements (HIPAA, PLI, etc.).

Yes. In a cloud operating environment, having a managed service provider can reduce unnecessary spending.