You and I, we’re both very alike you know

Keeping businesses operating as well-oiled machines.

Our Mission

Our mission starts with looking inward at ourselves. We look at our problems and think them to be unique, but they are not. Focus on the core business, reduce time wasted on overhead tasks like task management, server maintenance, software updates, deployments, etc. The list goes on and on of the endless operational tasks that plague everyone’s productivity.

We started as a group of industry professionals that connected because of the similar issues facing us. Then the lightbulb went on. Consolidate, revamp and revitalize. We could help each and everyone else if we did just that. The funny thing? It worked. That’s how Boundless Software was born and that’s what we want to do for you. We want to use our consolidated knowledge to help you achieve your goals instead of endlessly planning them like we used to.

Our Core

We are cloud first. Every single thing we do operates around that mindset, big or small. This allows us to operate as a cohesive team when planning, designing, developing, testing, operating and monitoring. The singular property allows us to follow simple best practices that are easy to remember and implement. It makes us agile while achieving results. What does it mean to be cloud first?

  • Designing an infrastructure that is distributed in nature
  • Using tools and services that are CNCF certified and building new ones
  • Creating a culture of continuous learning through data, using extensive monitoring and alerting tools

Three simple principles and a lot of automation. This is what we bring to you so we can do for you what we did for us. Focus 95% of our operations budget on scaling and only 5% on maintenance from the 50/50 split we had.

Our Promise
  • Stay updated and ahead of the curve through continuous learning so we never let you down
  • Allow you to own everything with no lock-in of any kind
  • Do everything in our power to lower your cost and effort through managed cloud operations